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Working To Transform Lives in Samburu County

Compared to most parts of Kenya, Samburu can be said to be blessed differently, requiring resodents and the County government to think differently to only subsist but find ways to thrive.

It’s not enough to decry the weather conditions or the devastation the we face on a daily basis. Samburu behoves all of us to rise above the challenges, and find new ways of thinking and doing life that elevate the lives not just of the children but of all the natives.

At Samburu Children’s Programme, we believe the impossible is more than possible. We strive to help this beautiful county rise from the ashes of oblivion to prominence.

We have come with a number of innovative projects that we believe are going to drive development in this county.

Working with the County Government and other esterwhile partners we’re determined to see the sons and daughters of this county rise to rule the world and bring honour and glory to this County.

To achieve this we need your help.